ONL 171

ONL journey and developing a blog again

As I’ve been working in libraries for the past 10 years, openness is such a big idea for me – access and free access so a course like this is what I’m very much interested in. However, I’ve just started a position at a university so looking at how the future of learning is going is important for me to be able to support anyone in the learning community.
“Reading owl” by rdevries

As a primary school teacher too, problem based learning was sucha big idea presented, however  I didn’t see how it was actually applied in the actual physical classroom. As an online learner  It’s always been interesting on how you actually facilitate it online without actually being there- which seems to look harder, but more it’s harder as it’s different to what we’re used to.

I’m looking forward to joining everyone and starting my blog again – it’s been a while!


2 thoughts on “ONL journey and developing a blog again”

  1. We are looking forward to learning with you! I have had a similar career path in a way, beginning in primary school teaching Year One and Year Three, before becoming an assistant principal and realising that what I really wanted to do was be in a library! So a few years of being a Teacher Librarian led to a longer time as head librarian for an education system, and now I’m a full time student! I think teachers and librarians make the best learners 🙂


  2. Hello Laura! We have the same backgrund as teachers in primary school. My closest college at my college is also a teacher with responsibility for the library. It will be interesting to discuss open and free learning recourses with you and the rest of the group. / Charlotte


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